Company Name NWT Company Aboriginal/Inuit Owned Activities Headquarters Address Country
Foraco Canada Ltd. no no Surface drilling, Underground drilling 305-10820 24 St SE Calgary AB T2Z 4C9 Canada
FrontierMEDEX Canada Ltd. no no First responders and medical care Bay 21-1339 40 Ave NE Calgary AB T2E 8N6 Canada
Kenn Borek Air Limited no no Mineral resource sampling, Air transportation, Transportation of people, First responders and medical care 290 McTavish Rd NE Calgary AB T2E 7G5 Canada
LK-RCS Resource Services Ltd. no no Mechanized exploration activities, Non-mechanized exploration activities, Mineral resource sampling, Surface drilling, Open-pit mining 210-278 19 St NE Calgary AB T2E 8P7 Canada
Network Innovations no no Network and telecommunication operation and maintenance 4424 Manilla Rd SE Calgary AB T2G 4B7 Canada