Company Name NWT Company Aboriginal owned Activities Headquarters Address Provinces
Ollerhead & Associates Ltd. yes no Mineral resource sampling, Technical and scientific services, Information system/data management PO Box 1169 Yellowknife NT-NS X1A 2N8 NT
Outcrop Communications Ltd. yes no Advertising, promotion and [public affairs] 800-4920 52 St Yellowknife NT-NS X1A 3T1 NT
Paul Bos Nextreme Inc. yes no Strategic planning and project management, Non-mining infrastructure construction, Non-mining equipment supplier, Non-mining infrastructure operation and maintenance PO Box 566 Yellowknife NT-NS X1A 2N4 NT
Pioneer Industrial Supply (1993) Ltd. yes no Provider of miscellaneous supplies 362 Old Airport Rd Yellowknife NT-NS X1A 3T4 NT
Private Sky Aviation Corp Northern Office yes no Air transportation, Transportation of people, Logistical support PO Box 1380 Yellowknife NT-NS X1A 2P1 NT